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Drug and Alcohol Screening Kits for Manufacturing Employees

The manufacturing industry plays an essential role in the United States economy. Historically, it has helped us navigate warfare, technology, and so much more. We all depend on manufacturing facilities in one way or another.

That said, more and more manufacturing employees are testing positive for drug use and alcohol use. This makes it all the more vital for employers to screen their staff.

Keeping the Texas Manufacturing Industry Drug-Free
No matter the nature of your facility, manufacturers must screen their staff for illicit substances. While drug prevention is important in every sector, it’s especially critical in manufacturing. This is in part because manufacturing employees face risks such as slips and falls, injuries involving heavy machinery, and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Many of these risks can be mitigated via drug testing.

Ensuring a safe work environment is essential—and according to research conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, nearly 20% of employers experience an increase in staff productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, and fewer worker’s compensation incident claims as a result of drug testing.

So, consider launching a drug and alcohol screening program for your manufacturing facility. By doing so, you can prevent substance abuse problems, and protect your reputation and staff. At, we work closely with manufacturers in Texas and beyond.

Prevent Drug Use in the Manufacturing Industry with guides manufacturing employers through the best drug screening options for their needs.

Oral/saliva drug test kits are an ideal screening method in the manufacturing industry. The results are instantaneous, whereas substances could take an hour or two to be detectable in the urine.

Instant saliva testing is also less invasive than urine drug testing, and samples can be easily collected in any location. For these reasons, this screening method is very popular in post-incident and reasonable-suspicion drug testing. In addition, instant saliva drug tests are practically impossible to cheat.

When it comes to random drug testing, urine drug tests are a popular alternative in the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturing employers use multi-panel drug tests that allow them to screen for up to 12 drugs. This solution is ideal for companies looking to hire and retain only the best, most reliable employees.

Alcohol screening and synthetic drug tests are viable options as well. Synthetic drug tests allow manufacturing companies to screen for substances made from manmade chemicals.

Partnering with
By investing in our drug testing kits, manufacturing facilities can enjoy the most accurate, market-approved screening products around.

We also offer:

  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Customer satisfaction (in Texas and nationwide)
  • Custom drug and alcohol screening programs
  • Fast shipping and handling
  • Innovative products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ability to buy direct from the source

Interested in working with Please contact us for more information on our drug screening products and consulting services.

We offer screening solutions that allow manufacturers to test their employees for drugs and alcohol at a reasonable cost. A subsidiary of Redstar Backgrounds, has partnered with facilities in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and the surrounding areas.

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