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Urine Dip Card Drug Test

Cost effective: The urine dip card drug test is much more cost efficient than sending out a donor to a laboratory. The screen is forensic in utility and works as a practical tool to screen for pre-employment. It will reduce outgoing costs on drug screening.

Accurate: The urine dip card has an accuracy rate of 99%. It is 12 CLIA Waived.

Fast Results: Onsite drug screening reduces wait time. Results are completed in 5 to 10 minutes. With an accuracy at 99%, you no longer need to wait on that drug screen from a testing facility.

Test for Numerous Drugs: Many people utilize this form of saliva drug screening to test for marijuana, but the oral drug screen can be used to test for numerous abused drugs.

Multi-panel drug tests are able to test for several drugs at once. A single strip urine dip card only test for one drug at a time. Each strip that is attached to the urine dip card is dedicated to a single drug. This means that if you have 5 drug test strips in the multidrug test card you are testing for 5 different drugs. 12 CLIA Waived panel drug tests are an excellent choice for use in staffing agencies, clinical point of care, drug rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities to test for a myriad of possible drugs that are harmful.

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