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Drug Screening Kits for Correctional Facilities

Drug and Alcohol Screening Kits for Correctional Facilities

The U.S. Correctional System is expansive. It oversees incarcerated people, as well as those who are undergoing parole, probation, or rehabilitation.

Many of these people are held in correctional facilities. Others are not in prisons, but out on conditional release or under other legal supervision.

No matter their location, these individuals must be tested for drug use. Drug smuggling is far from uncommon in prisons—despite the security measures in place and the repercussions of using illicit substances. Meanwhile, those who are out on parole must be monitored to ensure they are truly reformed.

Why Screen Inmates for Drug Use in Texas Prisons?
A drug-free environment is crucial to the correctional system. Screening inmates for drugs can prevent violence, promote good health, and help incarcerated people prepare to reenter society.

In Texas and nationwide, correctional facilities are working tirelessly to keep drugs offsite. They may use x-rays, metal detectors, drug-sniffing dogs, or other strategies. Some even offer rehabilitation programs that promote recovery.

Perhaps most importantly, officials are screening both inmates and prison staff for illicit substances. Drug screening helps officers monitor inmate compliance and maintain a safe environment.

How Do Drugs Enter Correctional Facilities?
Drugs are typically smuggled into prisons as a result of inmate resourcefulness, correctional staff corruption, and visitor activity.

Substances can be hidden in food, mail, or even body cavities. Some might be launched over prison walls, while others are passed on to inmates working temporarily in other locations.  

There are even prison staff who are paid to overlook inmates’ drug smuggling. These corrupt officers might agree to smuggle the illicit substances themselves, or they might turn a blind eye during a cell search or pat-down.

How Can Correctional Facilities Screen for Drugs?
Corrections officers value drug tests that are accurate and provide immediate results. offers a full range of screening solutions.

Specifically, the following drug kits are available for correctional facilities:

  • Urine drug kits
    An advanced screening method, our urine drug kits allow prison staff to collect and submit samples for accurate testing. These tests are easy for prison staff to complete without specialized training. To prevent cheating, however, corrections officers should monitor inmates while collecting samples.
  • Oral/saliva drug kits
    Oral drug tests have become increasingly popular in prisons. They are less invasive than urine drug tests, and samples can be collected with ease in a public setting. Our instant saliva drug kits are just as simple to use as urine test kits and dip sticks.
  • Drug screen services
    Our subsidiary Redstar Backgrounds offers consulting services for a range of businesses and organizations—including correctional facilities. We would be happy to work with you and develop a custom drug screening program, tailored to your exact needs. Screening Texas Prisons for Drug Use
Whether your correctional facility is located in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, or elsewhere in Texas, it is essential that you treat your inmates’ drug problems.

Eliminating drug use from Texas prisons will help:

  • Encourage inmate recovery
  • Keep inmates out of prison
  • Equip inmates with the skills they need to reenter society

The U.S. Correctional System and agree that drug testing plays an important role in the incarceration process. Solutions must be simple, fast, and affordable—and our products meet these criteria and then some.

Interested in learning more about drug tests in a prison environment? Please contact us for details on our drug screening products and consulting services.

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